Do you believe that your DevOps are solving the same problems over and over again?

In every company and even in every DevOps project, processes are often built from scratch – and the smaller the project, the more careless they are. The entire codebase and approaches are collected from articles from the Medium, Stack Overflow responses, and from an employee's previous experience, without any detailed analysis and discussion of the system.

Because of this, most companies spend a significant amount of resources to reinvent a wheel from year to year.

It leads to the fact that any update of the infrastructure becomes a problem. Workers spend most of their time maintaining infrastructure, or not touching it at all. And after a few years, it becomes a terrible legacy code.
We tested it out and made instructions that can help to reduce the costs of deploying and maintaining the infrastructure. It is possible because of the reuse of approaches and automation of tasks.

We described most of the infrastructure in templates. It is precisely described how it should work. If we come across a task that we are not familiar with, we develop a solution for it, based on all available options, and hypotheses. Only after the approval of a specific solution, we proceed to its implementation.

Thanks to this approach, we work constantly, and our productivity has increased significantly. Unified approaches for solving problems allow us to concentrate on important things and development of solutions, and not get stuck in the operational tasks. This is where our value lies – we systematically make DevOps easier for you.
With whom we work
Don't you have DevOps on your team? You do not need to, write to us)
Thanks to the elaborated templates in our architecture, we have significantly increased the speed of infrastructure creation and have reduced the price of its support
We build systems and processes from scratch. We also help to modify existing systems and processes
Startups love to make "overnight growth" very much, and it will be very frustrating if your infrastructure is not ready for it. Wouldn't it?
How can we work?
You can continue to write about security audits, support, SRE command and certificates. But I think you've already seen all this, so let's make it easy.
Assigned DevOps on your project
Actually the same as your employee, but with some clarifications:
- You do not waste time and money on recruiting (You know how much it costs)
- You can be sure of how we pick and choose people.
- Easy employee replacement and mandatory knowledge sharing
- Access to all best practices on the market (from our knowledge base)
Task machine
The new service package that we offer, its features:
- Сreating and maintaining infrastructure costs less (by using internal templates and automation)
- Everything is in a very attainable way for your "employee"(If technical difficulties arise, a stronger engineer is connected to the project.)
- The price for you is always static. It's like hiring a regular DevOps, only he'll have time to do more and f*ckup less.
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