Our company started its history probably like most IT businesses - by creating websites for friends and acquaintances, then there were applications, desktop, backends, outfstaffing and so on. It was cool and fun until a certain point - until we started growing. It was very difficult for customers to explain why our product development costs an order of magnitude higher than "neighbor Joe who also knows how to make websites", we could achieve an order by lowering prices (together with quality) or gaining more similar projects.

Our projects have always been distinguished by the automation of all processes and tests wherever possible. This insured the client against grey hair and us against deadlines. And if to judge as a whole - most of the team worked to improve not only the visual but also the internal parts of the product under development. At some point came the understanding that we should use our advantage, rather than dumping the market, and we decided to take only those projects in which we can bring all services and systems in excellent condition. And that's how we started to provide only DevOps services.

Our history

Full DevOps department as service
DevOps consulting
The founder of the company has extensive experience working as a DevOps, and at some point, we began to focus only on consulting and solution development for monitoring, CI/CD and work with AWS services.
Electronic document management in Kharkov Regional Council
Product development and integration into the existing ecosystem: design, mobile application, backend, and monitoring. Ton of NDA and legacy services that the application should work with.
Info-terminal at Kharkov National Karazin University
Full development cycle. Writing TOR, design coordination, development of the application desktop with releases 2 times a month. Training of staff to work with admin panel, network load optimization, and of course support.
Website development for local businesses
Improvement of existing solutions. Redesign, building website from scratch, integration of payment services, and other additional modules, optimization for mobile and SEO.
Contact us - mr.ventals@gmail.com
As a company founder, I am fully responsible for my team, that is why I always give my personal mail*.