Creation of CI/CD processes as a basis for application development

We cannot provide accurate information on the number of Pipeline (as there are more than 100 of them), here are some statistics:
  • Jenkins installed from scratch - 7
  • Gitlab projects - 32
  • Bitbucket projects - 6
  • CircleCI projects - 10
  • GithubCI(with own runners on AWS) - 2

What are pipelines used for:
  • Build/Test/Delivery for frontend (React, Angular)
  • Build/Test/Delivery for backend (Java, Python, Go)
  • Working with Kubernetes
  • Running e2e tests, regressions
  • Execution of routine tasks, scripts
  • Work with the hardware(testing applications on Android farms)
  • Working with data (using spot instances)
  • .......
  • and etc.
Technical details:
  • Jenkins/GitlabCI/CircleCI/GitHubCI/Bitbucket
  • Work with AWS, GCP
  • All configs in code
  • Loggins, backups, monitoring
We can build any pipeline for your tasks in the best way or build CI/CD processes in your company from scratch.

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