Release process for desktop applications on Windows

This release process is actively used in Kharkiv National Karazin University.

About the project:
Information panel (for interactive museum) on UWP, with the ability to connect to a local mongodb and cloud Mongo Altas.

Tools and Windows components for development and release:
  • Github Actions for CI/CD
  • mongodb / Mongo Atlas as a data storage
  • mongodump/mongorestore for database backups and data recovery
  • Docker Desktop to deploy and run the mongodb container
  • Windows Firewall to open an incoming connection to mongodb
  • Task Scheduler for daily database backups
  • loopbackexempt for app to use by a local database
Note: everything was automated at most, but simple tasks - creating a rule for incoming connection to Windows Firewall and adding the script backup to Task Scheduler were performed manually.

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