Kubernetes on AWS for Microservices Infrastructures

At the moment there are 3 production project and 12 developer environments on this infrastructure.

AWS services that were used:
  • Amazon EKS, for a comfortable Kubernetes experience
  • Amazon Route 53 for DNS records management
  • Amazon ALB as a load balancer
  • AWS Certificate Manager for certification
  • Autoscaling groups to share and scale resources
  • EC2 spot instances to save on computing resources
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for access control
  • AWS Secrets Manager for the secure keeping of secret keys
  • CloudWatch for logs and metrics - optional
  • ECR for use with docker images
Tools that we have used:
  • Jenkins/GitlabCI to create CI/CD processes
  • Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab to store source code
  • Terraform to create and manage resources from code
  • Helm/Kustomize to manage cluster resources
  • Traefik/Istio to manage traffic in a cluster
  • Prometheus and Grafana for metrics and alerts
  • Kibana for logs processing

Note: Terraform modules and helm charts allow you to use and customize the necessary parameters. So all you need from developers in this case is a working container docker and the skills to work with environment variables.

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