Infrastructures for WEB projects in AWS

At the moment there are 34 production Web pages on this infrastructure.

AWS services that were used:
  • Amazon S3 for web hosting and backups
  • Amazon Route 53 for DNS records management
  • Amazon CloudFront as a CDN
  • AWS Certificate Manager for certification stuff
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for access rights management
  • WAF for enhanced security (optionally)
  • CloudWatch for logs and metrics

The tools that we used:
  • Jenkins/CircleCI/GitlabCI to create CI/CD processes
  • Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab to store source code
  • Terraform to create and manage resources from code

Note: Most of the projects had integration with backend services on on ECS, EKS, EC2, Google Cloud, etc. Terraform modules allow you to use and customize the necessary parameters. That is why all that is needed in this case from developers is working code and the ability to work with files.

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