This is not the entire list of technologies with which we worked, but only the most popular of them

Main profile - AWS and GCP. Also have experience with Azure, Hetzner, Digital Ocean

Docker in all projects, Kubernetes(managed or self-hosted)
Also have several projects on Docker Swarm

Infrastructure as a code
So many tools, so many needs
CI/CD tools
In fact, we have worked with a huge variety of CI / CD systems, from Travis to Argo. As well known and not so much. But the main ones at the moment are
- Jenkins
- CircleCI
- GitHub Actions
- Gitlab CI

Our two key benefits
- Just work. No chatter and tons of audits, we offer a solution to your problems, agree it with you and implement it.
- Proven solutions. We have already described most of the practices and approaches in our presets, and have tested them on many services under production loads.
Contact us -
As a company founder, I am fully responsible for my team, that is why I always give my personal mail*.