DevOps best practices and cases

Thank you not relevant or why DevOps cannot be done once and for all

   DevOps originates from «development operation» which is why it is possible to assume that it aims to improve processes of development. DevOps is the process of optimization of the production cycle, creation of pipelines for the deployment of an application, or improvement of an existing infrastructure, making it more secure and scalable. DevOps processes cannot be done once and for all, because of various reasons. Technologies are changing and updating, as well as the market around the company. When one approach in application development was popular, another, which makes it possible to vastly increase the deployment cycle, shortens the time of testing. All these features give a big advantage for those who are using it. As a result, it looks like some sort of arms race. However, it is important to find a middle ground between modern and effective technologies and financial reasonableness of adoption of a new approach. So we state that DevOps cannot be done once and for all and now we tell you why we think so.

Why DevOps is a constant process

   DevOps is a constant process, because of various factors. Generally, we can assume that because of the changeable environment. There are a lot of new technologies that appear on the market, new tools, or market players. All these factors can force a company to make some adjustments to a DevOps approach.

Challenges from outside

   Every company is a part of a live ecosystem that is why it is impossible to estimate the activity of the company without considering all factors. By factors I mean outside events that influence the company. For example, on the market, a new company is an early adopter of some strange approach in development. This approach can give them a significant advantage in development, which will lead to a short deployment cycle, and as a result, they can release builds faster. This company receives a faster release cycle and as a result faster reaction to customers' needs. Or some companies can use new development methodology in development and interactions between departments. It can give them better and smoother connections and faster development of new features. As the result in a short period, the company receives strong competitors with a new technological approach. This company can take our part of the market and for our chief managers, it is important to make some adjustments to face new outside challenges.

Challenges from inside

   Apart from outside challenges, there are inside challenges such as scaling or an increased number of customers. Scaling is the process when a company has to increase its capability to face the customers’ satisfaction. It entails changes in infrastructure and approaches. Can appear in the need for new methodologies or optimization of DevOps processes. Besides, this type of optimization in particular cases can help the company to avoid hiring new people, by increasing the productivity of existing staff. Apart from scaling, an increased amount of customers can create new difficulties connected with productivity. The company has to improve its infrastructure to satisfy customers' demands.

Road to perfection

   Based on the information above, we can assume that there is no perfection in DevOps processes. A company is not a static thing, it is a dynamically changing environment, which depends on the outside and inside environment. Such challenges as scaling or new competitors can force the company to change the way they do business. As part of this change, DevOps processes also cannot be done once and for all. This approach has to be constantly improved, because new technologies appear, old approaches became ineffective. To keep your infrastructure productive and pipelines effective, it is vital to always look for new ways of improvement. We, at Cloudy, find the best solutions for every business. We take responsibility for every technology we use and for every approach we offer you. We offer DevOps not because it is trending, but because we want to offer you some improvements which can save your company money or make it more efficient.

 If you still do not sure whether you need DevOps or you think that your processes are perfectly set up, contact us and we share our expertise with you. If you have some urgent problems or want to get an audit of your infrastructure or discuss your case in detail, you can schedule the call with our experts.